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Pope Francis in Sri Lanka

NEWS 2015 - My dear sisters , It is my pleasure to share with you visit of Pope Francis to our mother Land is a great blessing for all of us. We have gift of receiving of saint Blessed Joseph Vaz as the first saint from Sri Lanka. I pray for all of you through the intersession st. Joseph Vaz. May your heart fill with His Love and graces... 



CBCP President lauds contributions of religious congregations

socratespreviewCONSECRATED LIFE - Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas of Lingayen- Dagupan acknowledged the contributions of religious congregations to Philippine life, describing their legacy as “staggering.” This year being celebrated as the Year of Consecrated Life by the Universal Church, Archbishop Villegas...


Letter to cardinals who will be created on 14 February

vaticanMESSAGES - Dear Brother, Today your nomination as Cardinal of Holy Roman Church was made public. I send you my greetings along with an assurance of my prayers. I ask the Lord to accompany you in this new service, which is a service of help, support and special closeness to the person of the Pope and for the good of the Church.


People consecrated to God for the mission – Letter to Comboni Missionaries

comboniMESSAGES - We address you with this letter to present the theme that we want to accompany our reflection during 2015. As we did in previous years, it is our desire to indicate some paths which each one, in their own context, may develop and translate into life-transforming action.” General Council.


X General Chapter of the Society of St Paul open

hp logo capitolo generale paoliniEVENTS - “I officially declare the X General Chapter of the Society of St Paul open.” With these words the Vicar-General, Fr Celso Godilano, concluded his greetings to the confreres who came from five continents and were assembled at the Casa Divin Maestro, Arriccia, on 25th January, the day when we celebrate the Conversion of St Paul, the Apostle...


March for Life USA: every life is a gift

peaceNEWS 2015 - The 42nd March for Life took place in Washington, DC, yesterday, on the anniversary of the 1973 decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade, which made procured abortion legal throughout the entire United States. A great crowd of a size estimated in the hundreds of thousands marched to the Supreme Court building...


Relations with the Anglican Communion and World Methodist Council

unityINTERRELIGIOUS DIALOG - When he was installed as Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby met with all of his 37 fellow primates and committed himself to visit each of them in their own provinces within his first 18 months. Given his high profile interventions in the political and social life of his own country, and his various ecumenical visits, this was a demanding commitment...


Father Nicolas de Boccard : "Charisma and institutes of consecrated life"

prospectuspreviewNEWS 2015 - During consecrated life's year initiated by the Pope François, the Editions de Boccard has the pleasure to announce you the publication of Father Nicolas de Boccard, entitled "Charisma and institutes of consecrated life" which invites the reader to think about the scriptural and theological roots of the charisma's notion in view of the current legal elements...


Chiara Lubich like Teresa of Avila: her process of beatification begins

hp chiara lubichNEWS 2015 - Bishop Raffaello Martinelli will officially open the process of beatification of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement (or Work of Mary), on 27 January, in the cathedral of the Frascati. Chiara spent most of her life in this diocese and it is here that she is buried. Maria Voce, president of the Movement, upon reporting the news to its members...




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