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Conference for Major Superiors and Vocation Animation Personnel

vatican LOGOMESSAGES - Dear Supreme Moderator, In anticipation of and in preparation for the Synod of Bishops to be held in 2018 on the topic "Young people, faith and vocation discernment", this Dicastery has organized a Conference for Major Superiors and Vocation Animation Personnel, to be held in Rome from November 30th to December 3 rd 2017, at the PontificaI Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum...


Via Pacis – Rome, Sep 17th 2017

half marathon300x169EVENTS - “Solidarity with South Sudan”  in association with JRS , will take part in the next Half Marathon in Rome for Education in South Sudan.  

Peace, Integration, Inclusion, Solidarity: these are the principles inspiring Rome Half Marathon VIA PACIS, an event promoted by Roma Capitale and the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Dicastery of the Holy See...

Very Basic Problems in South Sudan

south-sudan-2017-jeffrey-E1450SOUTH SUDAN - The fighting, the killing, the raping, the savagery of the civil war in South Sudan, make the headline news but among the quiet and peaceful, general populace there are some very basic problems facing the people, especially those who live in the PoC camps or the large towns. Powdered milk, tea, coffee, sugar and all kinds of food are already very expensive...


Solidarity with South Sudan - News July 2017

s sudan julySOUTH SUDAN - Unfortunately, the situation in South Sudan is always critical. The United Nations has warned that South Sudan's hunger crisis is worsening and blames South Sudanese warring factions of failing to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing civil war. We propose to you this prayer made by CRS...


29 October 2017: Reformation Feast Lutheran Church of Rome 500 from the Reformation

500-years-of-Reformation-300x200EVENTS - The 29 October 2017,  for the 500 years of the Reformation and the end of the Jubilee there will be a Celebration and Feast at the Lutheran Church of Rome, “Christuskirche” Via Sicilia 70. You are all very welcome! Sedos will cooperate at this event that will take place from 10.00 a.m. We look forward to meet you there!


Pope Writes a “Frontier” Carmelite Nun Who Works to Recover Prostitutes, Addicts

astorgMESSAGES - Pope Francis sent a mail to cloistered Carmelite nun Monica Astorga — who for the past 11 years has worked with transsexuals in Argentina, getting them to abandon prostitution and addictions –encouraging her in her work. “I have you and the convent very close to my heart. “I have you and the convent very close to my heart, as well as the persons with whom you work...


Central African Republic: Youth are the hope for tomorrow

Displaced students CAR1TESTIMONY - During the past ten years, children in the Central African Republic have grown up in the context of almost permanent war. They have been recruited by the various militias as well as by the regular forces and then been sent as cannon fodder to the front lines, forced to fight for one side or the other, to carry out the most appalling atrocities...


Closing ceremonies of The Eighth Centenary of The Pardon of Assisi 2017

F ChiusuraPerdonoAssisiEVENTS - The Solemnity of the Pardon of Assisi is coming soon. A Feast Day that attracts many pilgrims, young and old, every year to the Portiuncola: the “Door to Mercy”  that is always open to those who are not tired of receiving it and through which they can find their own path to holiness...


Fr Paco Heads the Verbiest Institute

paco pilgrimsNEWS 2017 - Fr Francisco Carin, who has lived for 23 years in Taiwan and China, obtained a doctorate at the Normal University in Beijing, speaks Chinese fluently, and teaches at the National Seminary in Beijing, succeeded Fr Jeroom Heyndrickx CICM in organizing activities of exchange and dialogue, and now heads the Verbiest Foundation...




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