Reflections on water

This reflection is offered as a companion piece to the booklet Water and Sanitation: A People’s Guide to SDG (Sustainable Deveopment Goals) 6 which was produced in 2017 by the UN–NGO Mining Working Group in New York. In response to the excellent human rights and advocacy information in this document, Continue reading

The monks, the Dachau survivors and the concert that heralded freedom

On the anniversary of the camp’s liberation, the forgotten story of escaped prisoners who set up a Jewish hospital in a Bavarian monastery has been championed by one Benedictine monk

The monastery of St Ottilien rises above the green Bavarian pastures of southern Germany. It is an unlikely setting for the story of an extraordinary Jewish renaissance in the weeks following the 1945 liberation of Dachau, which is being commemorated this week.

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VI Training Seminar for Educators “Young people, faith and vocational discernment”

On December 1 and 2, 2017 the Education Commission of the Union of General Superiors (men, USG) and the International Union of General Superiors (women, UISG) convened the sixth Training Seminar for educators to reflect on “youth, faith and vocational discernment ” in order to make a contribution to the next Synod of 2018.

The event was held in Rome, Italy, and 74 participants from different Continue reading