south sudan

South Sudan – First Impressions  

Just  on  six  weeks  ago,  an  old  friend,  Allan  Drummond  from  Australia,  arrived  to  spend  an  extended  period   in  South  Sudan  assisting  our  Solidarity  mission.  After  he  was  several  weeks  in  Juba,  I  asked  him  to  make  a   familiarization  visits  to  some  of  our  ministries.  Allan  has  published  many  books  and  is  an  insightful  and   creative  author.  So  I  asked  him  to  write  about  some  of  his  first  impressions.  This  is  what  he  wrote:     Continue reading

Secondary Education in South Sudan    

Windle Trust International – WTI – is a UK registered charity that has been working with refugees or conflict affected communities in the Horn and East Africa for over 40 years. Since coming to South Sudan in 2008, our Solidarity with South Sudan personnel have several times collaborated with Windle Trust in delivering education programmes. So it is that on several occasions I have met David Masua who is the co-author of an informative report published by WTI Continue reading