Councils, Chapters and E-Participation – Webcast

Tuesday, May 15 2018, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM [CST]. This webcast will examine the use and challenges of electronic participation in facilitating governance. They are increasingly used for Councils and Chapters are a cornerstone of governance in religious institutes as they provide for collaborative governance and broader input on the for the most important aspects of the life of the community. Continue reading

Islam&Belonging: PLURIEL 2nd International Congress, Roma, 26-28 june 2018

The notion of belonging offers the double advantage of being less unyielding than the concept of identity and closer to the phenomena of “recompositions”. The notion may lead our reflection to sociological, political and theological fields, which is specific to modernity. Indeed, contemporary transformations need to be dealt with through the modes of transition, rupture and antagonisms that interact with tradition and modernity. From this perspective of unity/diversity, Continue reading