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CHILD SAFEGUARDING: Guidelines and Protocols for Religious Institutes

Dr. Gabriel S. Dy-Liacco Member of the Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors. Dr. Dy-Liacco holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland. He is a licensed professional counselor and has practiced psychotherapy and counseling in various mental health settings since 1997 with individuals, couples, families and groups, including victims and perpetrators of abuse. Continue reading

Fr Bruno Cadore, “Dominicans must promote conversations with the new knowledge and technologies”

The editorial team of the annual magazine (Veritas) of the student brothers of the Province of India sat down with fr. Bruno Cadore, the Master of the Order for a conversation during his last visitation to the Province. We were touched by his genuine interest in listening and sharing his thoughts on various issues even though he had a busy schedule. Here is the transcript of this conversation with our Master General. Continue reading

Final message from the 18th General Assembly of UCESM

“WIDEN THE SPACE OF YOUR TENT” (Is 54:2) Final message from the 18th General Assembly of UCESM Snagov (RO), 5-10 March 2018

During these days we have had the opportunity to experience our unity through diversity. Gathered together as the religious of Europe, we have heard the call of God and the Church, to go out towards the people in need. Continue reading

Global: Living in communion with refugees this Holy Week

Holy Week is a time when Christian communities commemorate the Killing Fields in and around Jerusalem 2000 years ago, when collusion between religious authorities and an occupying military power led to the torture and murder of an innocent man. Matthew’s gospel tells us that the child Jesus and his parents became refugees in Egypt because King Herod sought to kill him. Death stalked him at the start of his life, driving him into exile, Continue reading

Unity and fellowship on the agenda as WCC leadership convenes

The leadership of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Central Committee met in Geneva on 19 March to prepare for the Executive Committee meeting and the Central Committee meeting and the visit of Pope Francis in June.

The WCC continues to focus on its pilgrimage of justice and peace, preparations for the 11th Assembly in 2021, and the WCC’s 70th anniversary. Continue reading

New Cardinals of Pope Francis Tell Their Stories in ‘All the Men of Francis’

Some woke up in the middle of the night, others warned by relatives and friends with a text message. Someone even informed while he was at the airport, or at lunch with friends, when the pope announced a Consistory. It is the surprise effect of Francis, who has ‘upset’ the lives of 61 men of the Church, coming from the four corners of the earth, ‘created’ cardinals in the four consistories held by Pope Francis until now Continue reading

Brothers of Christian Instruction. New Superior General

It is 10:23 am. Brother Yannick HOUSSAY, President of the Bureau of the Chapter proclaims:

Bro. Hervé ZAMOR is elected Superior General of the Brothers of Christian Instruction”.

Gathered since March 1st in the General Chapter, the 43 Capitulants have just elected the new Superior General of the Congregation on this day, March 17th. Continue reading

Calasanziane, new website, the charisma of always

The Calasanziane Sisters, sisters of the Calasanctian Family, launch a new website at the link . We invite you to visit it and to know their works for the most disadvantaged children, which they welcome as part of their own family.

The Poor Daughters of Saint Joseph Calasanz is a religious congregation founded in 1889 by the Piarist Archbishop Celestino Continue reading

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