Pallottines: Mission Kazakhstan

The Society of the Catholic Apostolate, & Poland’s Christ the King Province, traverse the canyons & deltas, deserts
& snow-capped mountains, of Central Asia’s dominant country.

In 2018, Archbishop Tomasz Peta invited Pallottine priests to Astana, Kazakhstan, so as to consider the possibility of pastoral ministry. From July 25-26, three members of Poland’s Christ the King Province traveled to Kazakhstan; Provincial Fr. Zenon Hanas, Pallottine Mission Secretary Fr. Grzegorz Młodawski, and Fr. Wiesław Pęski. After their meetings, within two weeks of returning to Poland, Archbishop Peta offered the Pallottines ministry in two parishes of northern Kazakhstan, Kostanaju and Rudny. Answering yes, on October 8, 2018, Fr. Wiesław Pęski touched down as Pallotti’s first missionary in Central Asia’s largest country; in whose nomadic past compels curiosity to us afar in distant lands. On October 14, the first Sunday Masses were celebrated at St. Mary’s and St. Padre Pio’s Churches.

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