OFM. 2018 Meeting of the Minister General with new Ministers Provincials and Custodes

The Annual Meeting of the Minister General and his Definitory with the newly elected Ministers and Custodes for 2018 was officially opened with the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by the Vicar General, Br. Julio Bunader, OFM (Homily: English – Español – Italiano). The meeting is taking place at the General Curia in Rome and will run from Jan. 17 to 25, 2018.

The new Ministers Provincials and Custodes:

Br. Rogerio Viterbo de Sousa  – N.D. Septem Gaudiorum Cust. Aut., Brasilia
Br. René Bustamante  – S. Antonii Prov. Missionaria, Bolivia
Br. Alejandro Adolfo Wiesse León  – S. Francisci Solano Prov., Peruvia
Br. Yusuf Bagh – S. Joannis Baptistae Cust. Aut., Pakistania
Br. Gabriel Ngga – S. Francis Herald of Peace Prov., West Papua
Br. Mikael Peruhe – S. Michaëlis Archangeli Prov., Indonesia
Br. Isauro Covili – SS. Trinitatis Prov., Chilia
Br. Juan Manuel Muñoz Curiel – SS. Francisci et Jacobi Prov., Mexico
Br. Flavio Chávez García – SS. Petri et Pauli Prov., Mexico
Br. Pierre Charland – S. Joseph Sponsi B.M.V. Prov., Canada
Br. Aidan McGrath – Hiberniae Prov., Hibernia (Ireland)
Br. Thomas Nairn – SS. Cordis Jesu Prov., USA
Br. Mark Soehner – S. Joannis Baptistae Prov., USA
Br. Teofil Czarniak – Immaculat. Concept. B.V.M. Prov., Polonia
Br. Jacek Koman – S. Mariae Angelorum Prov., Polonia
Br. Jakub František Sadílek – Bohemiae et Moraviae S. Venceslai Prov., Ceca Republica
Br. Juan Carlos Moya Ovejero – Immac. Conc. Prov., Hispania
Br. Amaral Bernardo Amaral – S. Clarae Cust. Aut., Mozambicum

Source: ofm.org

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