#UISG. Rome Constellation’s Assembly 2020: “Sowers of prophetic hope… generating dynamisms of interculturality”, Rome, January 9th and 10th 2020, at Monte Cucco

“Sowers of prophetic hope… generating dynamisms of INTERCULTURALITY”

Rome, January 9th and 10th 2020, at Monte Cucco

Dear sisters in Jesus, the Lord who calls us to be a mission.

In communion with the Church, that is living intensely the extraordinary Missionary Month and the Synod of Amazonia, we send our greetings of joy and peace to you and your Institutes.

The Constellation Committee of Rome, the most international of all constellations, notifies the celebration of its annual Assembly, inviting all the General Superiors of the Constellation to participate in this meeting, which is always an opportunity to learn, share and strengthen our identity as women consecrated in the Church, welcoming the challenges that arise in our Institutes today.

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