Commission on Education of the Unions of Men and Women General Superiors: VII seminar of TRAINING OF EDUCATORS

It is a Seminar that is held annually in Rome, destined to the educators of the heads of Education in the general Curias, to the members of the General and Provincial Councils and to the various national or regional managers of our EducationInstitutions that are interested.

This year’s 2018 Seminar will be focused on the presentation of one of the most interesting educational projects that is being promoted in the Catholic School and, in general, in the educational world.

This is the project “DESIGN FOR CHANGE”, an educational methodology that arises in India by Kiran Bir Sethi’s hand. Nowadays it is spreading all over the world. This methodology is the basis of the project “LAUDATO SI”, driven decisively by Pope Francis as one of the most significant dynamisms that are in our hands to carry forward the “care of the common house “.

One of the keys to our educational proposal is its transformative orientation. We educate for a better world, and to empower children and young people to be able to undertake that task. This is the key to our upcoming Seminar, which will be dedicated to the presentation of this important project.

We will have the presence of members of the coordinating team of DESIGN FOR CHANGE and LAUDATO SI. We will be accompanied by Bro. Juan Antonio Ojeda, head of educational projects of the OIEC and member of the Project Coordinating Team, and Mónica Canton de Celis, Director of DESIGN FOR CHANGE in Spain.

We offer you the basic data of the Seminar, so that you can organize yourselves properly. Next September we will send you more complete information and the registration form. Next to this letter we send you some initial information.

Work Seminar on the project DESIGN FOR CHANGE and LAUDATO SI

1) Days: November 9th and 10th, 2018. We will begin on the morning of Friday 9th, and we will end at noon on Saturday, November 10th.

2) Place: Headquarters of the International Union of GeneralSuperiors (Piazza di Ponte S. Angelo, 28, 00186 Rome).

3) Objectives:
a) To know in depth the projects DESIGN FOR CHANGE and LAUDATO SI, entering in their educational keys.
b) To share criteria and options for the impulse of the transformative dimension of our school.

We cordially invite you to these days of encounter and reflection, from the conviction that together we will be able to move forward in our capacity to respond to the challenges of a world that needs children and young people to be better. They are the ones who make us authentic educators.

Receive an affectionate greeting from the Education Commission.

Fr. Pedro Aguado Sch. P.

President of the UISG-USG Education Commission

Rome, May 26, 2018.

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