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The Missionary Institutes & Societies of Apostolic Life (MILSAL) met in Hong, Asia from 10/04/18 to 15/04/18

Three young people (two girls and a boy) were brought in to address us and we learnt a lot listening to them.

We were all very much impressed with their openness and boldness as they shared from the depth of their hearts

They spoke of their struggles, fears and challenges. One of them noted that she was not allowed to date anyone and so, she kept her friendship with her boyfriend secret and never spoke about it to anyone. Her wonder was: what is the right thing to do? Her point is that the youth need gentle guidance and direction in matters of this sort.

The three young people who spoke to us made us understand that the youth would like to know that the Church is personally interested in their journey

They would like the Church to listen to them, yes, the Church needs to create a safe environment to listen to  young people. In such an environment, the youth can be taught what it means to share in the mission of Christ as well as discern their vocation in life, bearing in mind that vocation is not limited to the priesthood and religious life. In such an environment, the Church can get to know the struggles of the young and how to help them. The youth need to be told that their mistakes are not forever with them.

They would like the Church to enter into the digital world as well as the social network with them

They would not like to be intimidated or dominated rather they would like the Church to be patient with them even in their mistakes and weaknesses. The youth would not love someone who works for them but someone who works with them.

The young people who spoke to us noted that the parish loves the youth but does not help the youth.

The sense of community is highly cherished by the youth.

Young people need movements such as World Youth Day, Pilgrimages, Sports, Music, gita, outings, excursions and the like. Occasions like the above are highly cherished by the youth. The Church can reach out to them in such for a.

The young ones would like to be involved in decision-making especially, on issues that concern them.

In as much as the youth need space and freedom, they also need guidance and direction, they need mentors. There is a need for some connection between the youth and the Godfather, that is the mentor.

Everyone has his own journey but it is important to feel connected in our journey of faith and the Church can make this happen.

The youth want to learn, yes, young people have a lot of questions and they are looking for answers to those questions such as: Does God exist? If God exists, why do people suffer? Why so much evil in the world?


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