Seminar on rights, citizenship and school

From 21 to 25 May 2018, the Generalate of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rome opened the doors to an international seminar on the Rights of Children, Citizenship and School. Guests from all over the world took part, coming from the vast educational landscape of the Lasallian Institute and from organizations especially dedicated to the promotion of rights and citizenship.

The De La Salle International Solidarity Foundation, the Association Secretariat for Educational Mission and the Lasallian Research and Resources Services have organized this seminar to discuss together the changes that the School experiences every day in the context of the 21st century, paying particular attention to the welfare and safeguarding the rights of children.

The seminar took place from Monday to Friday, starting at nine, at the Generalate, in Via Aurelia 476, Rome, with the exception of the morning of Wednesday, dedicated to the papal audience.

During the seminar days the interventions of the various representatives of the Lasallian educational project were shared.  They represent more than 90.000 educators in the world for more than one million students in the five continents. They shared experiences and good practices and reflected on new, audacious and innovative perspectives, which affect the pedagogical processes and educational actions developed by the Lasallians through an international network present in 79 countries.

Laura Ballerini
Director of Communication – De La Salle International Solidarity Onlus

De La Salle Foundation International Solidarity Onlus
Via Aurelia 476, Rome, + 39 06 66 5231,


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