Bridges – Building relationships between Christians and Muslims N. 72

bridgesMany people of good will are searching for ways of sharing the spirit of acceptance and respect for others that they have discovered within themselves. Despite the media focus on bad news stories and on the pain of violence, wars and non-acceptance of thousands of  refugees,  many  young  people  are  committing themselves to live lives of hope. The recent Youth PoWR event (cf. special Youth  PoWR  insert) that we helped  coordinate  brought  several  hundred  young people of eight different faiths together to share their dreams of a better society and to commit themselves to working for acceptance and empathy for others. The energy within the group of young people on that night was truly uplifting and the words they shared were inspiring. They voted to focus care and acceptance for refugees as their number one priority and will soon deliver their proposals to civic and religious leaders.

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