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Carmelite Sisters of Charity, CCV

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We are the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity–Vedruna.
Our group was born in Vic (Spain) on February 26, 1826 through the initiative of an extraordinary woman, Joaquina de Vedruna y de Mas (1783-1854).

That first community is alive today in more than 2000 sisters “of every race and nation” (Rev. 7,9) present in diverse countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Though different in this rich diversity, the following of Jesus and the experience of the Charism of Joaquina de Vedruna unite us in profound communion.
Our fidelity to this two-fold commitment leads us to be open to the Spirit and alert to the calls we receive through history so as “to undertake all that He wants in every new situation”, “with strong and decisive spirit” like our Foundress.


Our mission to announce the Good News of the Kingdom is the reason of our vocation.

This single mission “shapes our life and unites us in fraternity” and places us in the perspective of Jesus, present in all those who suffer and seek, that we may become witnesses of love and service to life and dignity of every human being, because all of us are beloved children of the same Father.

Our vocational commitment as Vedruna leads us to direct all our strengths and energies to the single goal: “the glory of God and the good of the neighbour” and invites us to keep our ears attuned to God, our eyes fixed on Jesus and our feet in the suffering reality of our world.

Peculiar community style - We want to be communities that are

Poor and committed to the poor

• To live in solidarity and in an attitude of service to those whom our society considers the least.
• To live in austerity, like Jesus, and share what we are and have.
• To work and struggle for a more just world that eliminates the causes of poverty.

Prayerful and contemplative in life

• To be women filled with the Spirit, with the light of God in their eyes, who bring hope and meaning to our society that is in search.
• To become intelligible good news of God’s presence and action in the history of day-to-day life.
• To create spaces for faith sharing and for reading life in the light of the Gospel.

Fraternal and creators of fraternity

• To live the family spirit and evangelical joy so characteristic to us.
• To foster a way of living committed to co-responsibility and shared life.
• To overcome the challenges of pluralism creating genuine spaces of acceptance and dialogue.



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