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"Modlitwa w drodze" began functioning five months ago, at the start of Advent, with a set of specially prepared meditations.

For about ten minutes, the listeners are invited to hear a recording of the Gospel along with a short reflection and relaxing music, all of which serve a purpose in helping in individual prayer.

All the recordings are accessible and can be downloaded to a mobile phone or other sorts of players as mp3 files right from the website www.modlitwawdrodze.pl. „Modlitwa w drodze" has considerably extended its audience during this time of Lent.

This was possible thanks to the cooperation that was offered by the creators of the project and almost twenty Catholic radio stations in Poland plus several Internet radio stations.

A significant advantage of the prepared meditation texts is the fact that some of the most famous Polish journalists and actors from theaters and the television were asked to read them.

Jesuit scholastics alone were the authors of the texts so far, yet for the time of the Lent the team of writers was reinforced by Jesuit priests.

Digital News Service SJ
Vol. XV, n. 9 | 19 April 2011

Published: April 29, 2011

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