• 93rd USG Assembly


Caring for the terminally ill: conquering the ultimate frontier

On not finding the General Consultor at the Council meeting at 9.00, I went in search of him to his room. Seeing the door was left unlocked, I walked inside. What I saw will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. There he was! Dead on his bed. A quick look at him convinced me that he was gone forever. I stood motionless looking at his eyes, still partially opened, Continue reading

Dehonians. 24GC: A new superior general!

Today, July 20, 2018, Fr. Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú, SCJ, was elected superior general of the Priests of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians). He succeeds Fr. Carlos Enrique Caamaño Martín, SCJ, who became superior general in April following the appointment of Fr. Heinrich Wilmer, SCJ, as bishop of the diocese of Hildesheim (Germany).  Continue reading

Mission at the foot of the volcano

A Comboni missionary describes how his life has become more meaningful when he was assigned as parish priest at the outskirts of a town in Peru, at the foot of an active volcano. He recountes how the Comboni charism has touched the lives of people and how collaboration in facing challenges to spread the Gospel has made it a grace-filled adventure. Continue reading

AMERICA/BOLIVIA – American Missionary Congress: from the Synod of Bishops the impulse to consider America as “a unique reality”

The evolution that led to the current American Missionary Congresses (CAM), the fifth which will be celebrated in the next days in Bolivia, starts with the Mexican National Missionary Congresses, which with the Congress of 1977 assumed an international character, making that event the first COMLA Continue reading