• 93rd USG Assembly


24GC: From general elections to general guidelines

The first week of the General Chapter was dedicated to the election process, including discussion of the current reality of the congregation. Now, chapter delegates direct their attention to the future. How should Dehonians respond to the world today? What priorities should guide the general administration during its six-year term? Continue reading

Venezuela: Our mission

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Venezuela is responding to the country’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, which is a result of unjust economic policies, social violence, and the breakdown of state institutions. All these factors have pushed thousands of Venezuelans to leave the country. Continue reading

Franciscan Ecologists at the Vatican

The beginning of July 2018 was an important time for the Ecological Movement of St. Francis of Assisi (REFA) in Poland.

Representatives of the movement, along with other Catholic ecologists from all over the world, participated in a papal audience. Two REFA representatives, Continue reading

CIS: A clip to walk towards the peace of the heart

The Centre for Ignatian Spirituality shall be offering an experience of Ignatian spirituality through a video clip to those who are unacquainted with it. This clip will endeavour to highlight the “thirst for God” which is at the core of each human being, even those who feel far from the Church. “To follow this thirst is the beginning of a journey towards the peace of the heart and towards a more serene life, Continue reading

During the Synod, the Pope will canonise a young worker considered the protector of the disabled

The canonisation ceremony will be held on 14 October. Paul VI – who beatified the young worker on 1 December 1963 during the Council – and Mgr Romero will be canonised on the same day, as will Fr Francesco Spinelli, founder of the Institute of the Adorers Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament; Fr Vincenzo Romano, and Sister Maria Caterina Kasper, foundress of the Institute of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

Continue reading