Prayer Vigil 8 february 2020 – Together Against Trafficking

[As they enter, each participant is given a thread, each of different colors (about 50 cm), and an image with the prayer of St. Bakhita.]

Leader: Today, we celebrate together the sixth World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking. In many parts of the world, trafficking is a scourge that strikes everyone without distinction, but it strikes above all the poorest and those who in various ways can be defined as “the least”, the “discarded” of our society.
Those who live on the margins and the weakest, such as women and children, are the targeted victims of injustice and abuse. May Saint Bakhita intercede for us and for the many Josephine Bakhitas of our time.

[Symbol: Place in front of the altar a globe, a painting of St. Josephine Bakhita, and large iron chains. As you go from the entrance to the altar you hear the sound of the chains.]
Entrance hymn of your choice Leader: We present some stories of engagement against trafficking [other stories may be chosen]. Stories of desperation, poverty, courage.

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