Claretians and Mission Project Service: Project Management and Fundraising Training – 14 – 18 April 2020

Catholic Development Practice

‘I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security’ exclaimed Pope Francis.

His call to be a Church nearer to those who undergo hardship is accomplished all over the world by Catholic social workers. They belong to Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) such as Diocesan Social Service Societies, development organs of Religious Congregations and civil organizations set up by laity, inspired by their Faith. Following the Catholic Social Teaching (CST), these faith based development practioners see today a new parallel evolving in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thousands of these Catholic Organizations engaging in development practice all over the world are also looking for contemporary theories and practice guidelines.

ROME TRAINING is an attempt by the Claretians and Mission Project Service to address the concerns of faith based development practioners. Based on professional social work methods, it evolves Catholic social work theories which guide those engaged in various social apostolates. The term ‘ROME’ not only refers to the eternal city but also returning to the roots of Charity which has guided two thousand years of Catholic social apostolate.

Project Management and Fundraising Training

Many Congregations experience today a bottle neck situation, of drying of traditional sources and emergence of new mission territories demanding financial resources. Responses are not easily available. Another phenomenon is the fast evolving philanthropic landscape triggered by technological advances and discerning donors. Congregational leaders and Bishops are overwhelmed by these situations and there is a genuine search for credible answers. The Project Management and Fundraising Training is one of the responses to this situation. It brings together experts from Catholic donor agencies, development consultants, practioners of religious congregations, dioceses and laity to explore together a viable solution that can be replicated across the world in Catholic development practice.

The training offers a package of five days where the participants learn the components of project management as well as theories of fundraising. There are ample chances to interact from representatives of major Catholic donor agencies to know the present trends in fundraising, priorities of donors and sharing of success stories. Expert advice is also offered to set up dynamic project management offices in the Congregations, one to one meeting with donor agency representatives and develop a project idea brought in by the participants. Important topics such as theory of change, participatory project planning, logical framework approach and project cycle management are part of this intensive training. Starting in 2019, the plan is to conduct every year a similar programme during the Easter Holidays.

You are welcome to explore more about this fresh approach to Catholic development practice inside.

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