VIII Seminar of Training of Educators

The Commission of Education of the Unions of General Superiors (Men and Women) invites you to participate in its VIII SEMINAR OF TRAINING OF EDUCATORS.

This is a seminar that takes place annually in Rome, destined to the Heads of Education of the General Curiae, to the members of the General and Provincial Councils and to the various national or regional leaders of our Educative Institutions that are interested.

This 2019 year’s seminar will address the important issue of educational innovation and will do so from a perspective that we consider especially important: the identity of our educational proposal.

“Innovate from the roots, with meaning”


  1. To strengthen the innovative approach of the Catholic School from its Christian identity.
  2. Reflect on the guarantee conditions to develop meaningful educational innovation.
  3. Talk about the right questions and the steps that the institutions need to address to meet their strategic challenges.
  4. Analyze the keys of an innovation that contributes to promote and differentiate the Catholic School: sustainability, significance, quality… To make explicit the value added of the Catholic School.
  5. To elaborate a joint document on the topic of the Seminar that will reflect the contributions of the different dynamics and that, after its corresponding revision, it can feed the reflection in institutions and schools.


  • The Catholic School lives an intense incorporation of novelties, interesting but perhaps somewhat disarticulated, because they do not arise within an educational framework, shared by the whole institution, but rather from isolated initiatives that can generate timely improvements, but without producing significant and sustainable changes.
  • For innovation to be meaningful, differential and sustainable, it does not serve the mere substitution of artifacts by others, nor the accumulation of novelties, nor the recipes taken from other places. Innovate with Sense has nothing to do with doing new things or doing them any other way, but with achieving goals and results that were not possible before. Nor does it have to do with the search for standard answers, but rather to ask the right questions.
  • This seminar proposes to work on the meaning of educational innovation, to see the moment that Catholic Schools live and to work on some of these key questions: what is the “for what” of the Catholic School? How can we achieve a differential, meaningful, sustainable transformation that generates a comprehensive quality education?
  • We are convinced that the key to addressing these issues is to build a reflection that arises from identity and, from there, articulates and gives meaning to innovation.

The seminar will be directed by Professor AUGUSTO IBÁÑEZ, Director of Education of the SANTA MARÍA Foundation (SM). We will also have the presence of Fr. Samson EHEMBA, member of the Foundation Gravissimun Educationis sand who works in Senegal.

We send you the basic data of the Seminar:

  1. Days: October 4 and 5, 2019. We will start on Friday morning, 4th, and will finish at noon on Saturday, October 5th.
  2. Place: General House of the Marist Brothers (Rome, EUR) in Piazzale Marcellino Champagnat 2.
  3. We will have simultaneous translation to four languages: English, Italian, French and Spanish.
  4. The seminar will offer the lunch of the Saturday and the three coffee breaks of the breaks.
  5. The fee will be 110 euros. It will be paid at the beginning of the seminar.
  6. Schedule:
    1. Friday, October 4th. We start at 09 ‘ 00. It is advisable to arrive towards 08 ‘ 30, for the payment, organization etc. It’s scheduled to finish at 18 ‘ 30. The food will be at 13 ‘ 00.
    2. Saturday, October 5th. At 09 ‘ 00 we will begin with the celebration of the Eucharist, chaired by Mgr. Zani, Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education. We’ll finish at 13 ‘ 30.
  7. We send you the link from which you can formalize your inscription. We ask you to complete it properly and we recommend you to write it down as soon as possible, because the number of places available is limited. In any case, the registration process will be closed on September 15th.

We cordially invite you to these days of encounter and reflection, from the conviction that together we will be able to move forward in our capacity to respond to the challenges of a world that needs children and young people to be better. They are the ones who make us authentic educators.

Receive an affectionate greeting from the Education Commission.

Fr. Pedro Aguado Sch. P.

President of the UISG-USG Education Commission


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