June 2019: The Mode of the Life of Priests – Pallottine

You meet them all over the world!
On the Himalayan mountains risking their lives on treacherous roads;
in African countries driving their jeep to distant villages;
By the side of the sick and dying;
Pouring baptismal water on the crying new born;
Behind the gleaming newlyweds in photos;
Celebrating Mass on the death anniversary of parents;
Constructing the Church and digging the first borewell;
playing basketball with the street children.
Yet have no illusion; they are neither angels nor superman.
They are just humans, sons of a father, much loved by a mother, a brother to his siblings.
The day of his ordination is the day of glory!
When he is raised on the cross, jeered by media and the crowd below, he will need a supporting hand;
he is only a human being.

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