Guidelines for Congregations Hosting Migrants in Rome

This booklet is intended for congregations looking to participate in this call of Pope Francis. After these few years, congregations in Rome and elsewhere have more experience and a deeper understanding of what our response will entail.

The booklet has been prepared by the Refugees and Migrants Working Group, a sponsored working group of the Joint Commission of the USG and the UISG. It follows the discussions and presentations of congregations who have had some experience of reaching out to migrants in response to Pope Francis’ invitation. They have shared the blessings, challenges, best practices and questions of congregations who have given hospitality to migrants in the diocese of Rome. Since 2015, nearly 40 congregations have responded.
In collaboration with Migrant organizations, we have learned more about the most helpful stage at which congregations can support people in transition during their migrant journey. This is the semi-autonomy stage.


Refugees and Migrants Working Group – JPIC
Rome, April 2019

Download the Guidelines


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