The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and Fondazione De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale Onlus are pleased to present the “Beyond the Borders” initiatives, carried out across borders, on five continents to reach the most vulnerable communities in the world.
Borders? I have never seen one, but I have heard that they exist in the minds of some people. (Thor Heyerdahl)
The Beyond the Borders Initiatives are educational communities located “Beyond the Borders”, in fragile and isolated contexts, created to promote the full exercise of the rights of children and young people at risk of socio-educational exclusion.
Going beyond the borders means overcoming all the dividing factors challenging the world and have the greatest impact on the most vulnerable segments of the population in different parts of the world. It is not just about physical boundaries, but also economic, political, legal, educational and gender boundaries…. It means opening new avenues and creating innovative, courageous and inclusive educational solutions that are sustainable.
A BTB Initiative, according to the decisions taken by the Superior General and his Council during the General Chapter held in 2014, is always included in the projects of the local Churches to go and answer the needs of immigrants, refugees, the homeless, unemployed young people and all vulnerable people, especially children and young people who find themselves “at the borders” (see Circ. 469, Propositions 19, 27 and § 3.26 & 3:27; Circ. 470 pp. 39-40 and Strategy 2.4). The Superior General officially establishes the initiatives “Beyond the Borders” and together with the General Councilors encourages Brother Visitors and District Councils to engage in international experiences of sensitization in favor of those who are poor.

A BTB Initiative foresees the existence of a mixed community of Brothers, lay volunteers and / or members of other religious congregations.
A BTB Initiative is open to include vocation ministry and discernment in the context of a community life dedicated to serving those who are poorest.
A BTB Initiative ensures an enriching community life and adequate support of the its members.
Among the Beyond Borders initiatives, for example, there is the construction of a new school in Rumbek, South Sudan, in full operation to meet the urgent educational needs of the youth of the country; the Bamboo School in Thailand, on the border with Myanmar, was built with bamboo logs (hence its name) and accommodates migrant families considered stateless; the Além project in the heart of the Amazon jungle on the triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, meets the educational needs of young people and the indigenous population, at risk of social exclusion and human trafficking; the opening of a new international educational community in the Molenbeek district of Brussels is the next target still being developed.
These are just a few of our Beyond Borders projects.

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