Annual Letter of the Superior General to the Confreres of the Society of St Paul: Poverty, Path to freedom, fraternity and service

Dear Brothers, Poverty is the topic on which I propose to reflect this year. Besides being one of the three vows that characterize the consecrated life, it is also one of the “four wheels” of the “Pauline cart”. This means that for the Pauline, poverty is one of the foundations of his life, together with piety, study and the apostolate. In the Annual Letter on the Apostolate we referred to Pauline as a “man of communication”, that is, to a person called not only to evangelize with all the languages of analogical and digital communication, but also to be himself a man who seeks to live a true communication (communion!) with God, with others and with himself, so as to give his contribution in the construction of a “culture of encounter”. This person, on whom the growth of the apostolate depends to a great extent, is also the subject called to live poverty and to assume it in the context of his mission, that is, in the midst of the richness of possibilities that the culture of communication offers today, as our Founder warns: «The institute must be poor and rich at the same time. Poor for our individual observance of poverty, rich for the means of the apostolate».

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