• May 2019

“Everything Useless Weighs Me Down!” – We are a Mission, May 2019

North Macedonia; on both maps of topography and Catholicsm, a periphery. Hence it’s not perchance Pope Francis’ visit was the first amongst pontiffs, and one of the world’s most beloved saints was born in its capital. On May 6, our Holy Father landed in Skopje; the birth place of St. Teresa of Calcutta. In the city’s Cathedral, he addressed priests, their families, and religious; in which he emphasized the importance of “not taking stock.” Of course, conceptual clarity and Church teaching are all important. But let us be careful: do not forget the people of God. Dirty your hands, go to the streets, visit the prisons, console the elderly, give a biscuit to a starving child; do as Mother Teresa would have done!

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