Stations of the Cross April 13, 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers, We are about to follow the way of the cross that is a pious practice in the Lenten season. As Pope Francis observes in Gaudete et Exsultate, our real holiness is in reproducing the earthly life of Jesus-his closeness to the outcaste, his poverty, his self-sacrificing love and his passion for peace. Following the ways of Jesus in promoting peace in our Common Home, is the central mission of the church. Today our Common Home passes through disturbing moments. Because of climate change and civil wars the world faces the greatest displacement of people on the one hand and on the other there is fear of the stranger and migrants. Wars have destroyed the childhood of one out of every 6 children. Weak nations are under the intimidation by the dominant powers. Indigenous people continue to suffer slavery by the colonial and neo- colonial powers. Territories like Congo River basin, the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, the tropical forest in the pacific coast of Asia and the Amazon face destruction and alienation.

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