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Claretian Mission Day for the year 2019

Rome, Italy. We remind everyone that Claretian Mission Day for the year 2019 is on the 2nd Sunday of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday, 28 April 2019. With hearts filled with joy, the Claretians are invited to share with our co-workers about the missionary activities they are engaged in around the globe.

As a dynamic team of enthusiastic disciples of Mary, the Claretians are working in 66 countries in different ministries in the pastoral and social fields. This day offers a possibility for the Claretians to talk about their universal mission and specially the mission in the peripheries. The celebrations can take place in the ministerial places such as parishes, schools, social service centers along with virtual spaces like Facebook, Twitter, websites and Instagram. In addition to sharing of information, it is also a time to raise funds for the Claretian Missions. The collections can be sent directly the General Mission Procure, Rome using the following details.


Name of the bank UNICREDIT
Address of the Bank 30643 Roma CIVININI

Roma, Italia

Account Number or IBAN IT 73 G 02008 05170  000101556451
Name of the Account Holder PROCLADE INTERNAZIONALE Onlus
Address of the  Account Holder PROCLADE INTERNAZIONALE OnlusMissionari Clarettiani
Via Sacro Cuore di Maria, 5
00197 ROMA, Italia
Tel: 06 80910008  –  Fax: 06 80910047
Email: projects.proclade@gmail.com

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