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Lasallian Passport #300LaSalle

On the occasion of the Lasallian Jubilee Year, the Church invites us to go on pilgrimage, that is, to walk in search of God, humanity and nature. It means setting out on a journey, long or short, but on a journey. And for us Lasallians, whateverroute we takehas three fundamental elements: Faith, Service and Community.

For this reason, the Institute’s Communications and Technology Service makes available to all the Lasallians of the Institute a Passport of the Lasallian Pilgrim. It is material that can be used by schools, universities, parishes and other Lasallian Institutions to be used in many ways, be it spiritual, pedagogical or commemorative.

We invite each school, university, church, chapel or place where Lasallians are present to have its own stamp that commemorates the 300 years of La Salle forwhen a Lasallian visits this place for academic, religious, pastoral, or sports activities. This passport can be stamped, and thus have a memory of many places where the spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle continues to transform the lives of people through the Gospel, education and service.

Characteristics of the commemorative stamp:

Form and design: The one chosen by each Lasallian institution
Maximum size: 5 cm x 5 cm
You can use the logo – shield of each institution
Graphic or written reference to the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the death of the Founder.
City and country.

Please send us, as soon as the stamp has been designed, a photograph or the jpg file so we are ableto share it with the Lasallians of the world throughour social networks. We will also make a commemorative book of these stamps to be keptin the archives of the Institute.

Note: The person who administers the stamp or the pilgrim himself writes the date of the visit.

Validity of the Passport: we suggest that it be issued between April 7, 2019 and April 7, 2020

Example of the Commemorative Seal of the Generalate and Sanctuary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle:

The Institute’s communications service offers:

Complete file in PDF format to be printed in professional printing or institutional printing and complete file in ‘InDesign’ format.

The file has a blank home or cover page for the personalization of each District, school and university.

To send the stamp or any comment or question you can write to the Communications and Technology Service at the email address:


Jesus live in our hearts! Forever!


Brother Jorge Alexánder González Morales, F.S.C.
Secretary – Coordinator of the Communications and Technology Service

Source: lasalle.org

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