VIII International Prize for Sacred Music

The goal of this competition is to promote contemporary sacred music by inviting composers to express their deep spiritual experience or the human experience of transcendence. The language of sacred music is the expression of the intimate relation of man with the Supreme Being, as Fernando Rielo, the Founder of the Prize states:

“Sacred music is the mystical feeling of the human spirit that expresses its filial communication with God,invoked in the most majestic harmony that can be produced by the communicative technique of musical language.
Good taste, which is the synthesis of truth, goodness and beauty, leads the artist to confess his mystical union with God through talent or musical practice. The sacred character of music is only possible by virtue of the constitutively mystical condition of the human being.
Great sacred music is not confined to music for worship or liturgy. Expressed through refined technique, it is the greatest charismatic evocation that the highest spiritual values of the human being can offer to our inner sensitivity.”

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