Networking to better protect the dignity and the rights of the child – Dec 6th

In response to Pope Pius XII’s call in order to assist children who were victims of the Second World War, four Church institutions, including the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, founded the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE) in 1948. After 70 years of its constitution, BICE has now 79 affiliated organizations in the entire world as well as national groups in Latin America. Whether it is through field projects, advocacy initiatives or action-research, this network supports its mission on convergence between dignity, spirituality and rights and it puts the child at the centre as the actor of his own development.

The fact of working with other Catholic inspired organizations, as well as with other networks that share our principles is, nowadays, a major challenge which is worth to be even more developed regarding its implementation terms in order to mutualise and capitalize even more each other’s experiences and strengthen the visibility and the impact of our work.

This is how this round-table suggests to present examples of successful collaborations, particularly in the areas of education and resilience, between members and partners of BICE network. It also claims to be the opportunity to openly exchange with other close institutions, with the intention of identifying ways which would privilege a common commitment in order to support children with more effectiveness on a long term basis and, this way, contributing to their future as responsible citizens.

In 2019, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Beyond the symbol of this anniversary, we hope that it would mark a turning point in concretizing an increased cooperation within the Church to guarantee, starting from our institutions to public authorities, an adequate and adapted protection of each child’s best interest.

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