SEDOS Bulletin-August 2018 “Justice and peace”

The theme of this bulletin is “Justice and Peace”. Work­ing for justice and peace is a basic missionary task of every mis­sionary. A re­cent experience with students of mine taught me that, for instance, forgiving someone does not mean that there is no justice anymore. In the famous Italian television se­ries “Don Matteo” (Father Mathew), the search for the culprit ends always, just before the person is taken away, by a sermon of the priest, then the culprit realizing his fault, and his readiness to atone for his or her sins in prison.

We have selected different interesting Justice and Peace related articles among the ones we received from authors or from our exchange reviews. The first one is about the pastoral to migrants. More than 1600 migrants have died or gone missing attempting to reach Europe so far this year, according to a recent report of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UN­HCR). For those who have survived the dan­gerous trip awaits another challenge, namely being accepted by the locals. Gabriele F. Bentoglio takes up therefore the idea that sharing a meal -as we use to do in the Eucha­rist- is the best way to integration.

Next, Pascal- Dominque Nau suggests in her article that Paul’s teaching in the Letter to the Romans can benefit for the renewal of our po­litical life. Although politics and Church should be well divided, it does not mean there­fore that the Church has nothing to offer to political life. The social teaching of the Church as well as the Biblical roots of our Christian conduct are valuable sources in the reflection on current politics in many coun­tries.

Jorge Piedad Sánchez will deepen the feeling of justice compared to Biblical legislation. Among others, the idea of Tsedakah, right­eousness, is essential in Jewish faith. When can a person be called “just”? It relates to the Christian teaching of “justification”.

The last article is from the hand of Clément Mulewu. He tells us his experience of justice and peace in the prisons of Angola. The prison chaplain has as task to bring the prisoner to a sincere contrition, but also to defend the more poor ones in a court of justice.

The upcoming SEDOS Autumn Seminar in cooperation with the Commission on Justice and Peace (USG/UISG) is about the Contribu­tion of Women Religious to Mission, because their important contribution is not always rec­ognized the way it should be, and are some­times also more at risk in the mission. Also here we have to do justice to them and to work together for peace in the rapid changing world of today.

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