St John of the Cross World Congress: “The Dark Night”

CITeS-University of Mysticism, will host for the second consecutive year a congress concerning St John of the Cross. On this occasion, The Dark Night of St John of the Cross will be the focus of the Congress, which will be celebrated from the 3rd to the 9th of September, 2018. Registrations to be present, or for online, are still possible from the following website:

The Dark Night is one of his most read Works throughout the world, not only for its literary and poetic wealth, but also for its content. Doctrinally, this book unfolds a profound vision of the way of liberation for persons and their progressive drawing closer to God, who transforms them. It is a process in which God communicates himself to people and at the same time there occurs in them a transition for the senses to the spirit. Saint John of the Cross wrote this book for the many souls to whom God gives a talent and grace to advance much further on the way to Union, but get lost through not knowing how to correspond to this grace, or there is no one to direct them

The following is a preview of the program:

  • Structure of the work
  • Meaning of the Night. Conceptual design of the spiritual process
  • Biblical background
  • Doctrine
  • Interreligious approach
  • Pastoral approach


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