Newsletter from the European Conferences of Major Superiors (U.C.E.S.M.)

Dear friends, With this newsletter, I hope to come into the rhythm of sending out a letter four times a year, and with joy I am writing to you today about what has happened in recent times from or in the Secretariat. The latest news was about this year’s General Assembly in the beautiful Snagov/Romania. You can read about it on our website. During the General Assembly, I was invited to go to Ukraine to attend the fusion of the four Ukrainian Conferences in one association on 4 May 2018; the presentation of their “Declaration of cooperation” aimed to show that the religious of Ukraine are open to cooperate. Unanimously Fr. Roman Lagish was elected secretary and Sr. Anna Zainchkovska his deputy. The Declaration has a trial period of six months. At the beginning of the session, using our website, I explained the nature and the purpose of UCESM. On 25-28 September 2018, a project/symposium about “The consecrated life in the era of digital culture” will be organised; it is intended for 200 consecrated people of both rites. Let us accompany them with our prayers! If you want to learn more about the members of religious orders in the Ukraine, please go to our website (still very worth reading!).

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