OFM.Feast of St. Clare 2018: Letter of the Minister General

Dearest sisters,

May the Lord give us his Peace!

Last year I offered you some reflections based on the words that guided our preparation as Friars Minor for the Plenary Council that we celebrated last June in Nairobi: listening, discerning, acting.

This year I would like to focus on the second element in particular. Looking at the example and words of Clare I would like to highlight some useful aspects that can help us towards a discernment that might increasingly shape our lives, making them a faithful and joyful response to God’s call in this time, and in this space that is given to each of us.

We have been adopted by God as children in the Son Jesus, who died and rose again, and so from the moment of our baptism we pray: “Our Father, thy will be done”. The way of discernment is the only possible authentic way of existing, because, as Francis tells us, “Nowthat we have left the world, however, we have nothing else to do but to follow the will of the Lord and to please Him.” (RnbXXII, 9). Clare on her part “insofar as she could, tried to please God.” (Proc8,3).

Looking back over the Clarian sources, the letters in particular, I notice that Clare lives and suggests discernment as a path of purification: purification of the gaze, of the heart, and of the will.

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