Reflections on water

This reflection is offered as a companion piece to the booklet Water and Sanitation: A People’s Guide to SDG (Sustainable Deveopment Goals) 6 which was produced in 2017 by the UN–NGO Mining Working Group in New York. In response to the excellent human rights and advocacy information in this document, the Integrity of Creation Working Group (ICWG) in Rome has responded with this booklet using input from the encyclical Laudato Si’, Hebrew and Christian scriptures,- beliefs and responses of other world faith traditions and Catholic Social Teaching. The reflection includes ideas for prayers and liturgy. If we look at the model of See-Judge- Act, this document highlights the reflective aspect of the process on values, beliefs and faith. It invites reflective and ethical consideration informed by religious traditions on the issue of water. We invite you to engage in this document at any point. The content, prayers and scripture passages can be read and discussed individually or as a series offering contemplative insights ultimately leading to awareness and action. Material from the booklet could be used to design a liturgy on the perspective of water. This document, while focussing on the spiritual nature of water, is an attempt to deepen our understanding of the profound crisis addressed in SDG 6.

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