Camillian religious. Meeting of the Superior General – Inaugural Greetings of the Superior General

Dear Camillian religious, Health and peace in the Lord of our lives, You are all welcome to Taiwan and to Lotung!

We are beginning our annual meeting of the general government and the major Superiors of the Order of Camillians for the year 2018. The subject of this event is ‘Together in the Continent of Asia to Know, Celebrate and Discern the Future in order to Revitalise the Camillian Missionary Spirit’.

Events such as these are a concrete and practical expression of a style of collegial government which witnesses the involvement of all those who have taken on the responsibility of leadership, that is to say the ministry of authority amongst the religious of our Order, at this specific moment in history.

Let us read our General Statutes: ‘The superior general also consults the provincial superiors, vice-provincials and delegates in matters of major importance which concern the entire Order. If possible once a year and, whenever this is necessary, he shall convene the provincials, vice-provincials and delegates, whose delegations have at least twelve perpetually professed, to address various questions with the general consulta…All superiors, respecting just and legitimate differences, should be watchful that what is particular does not harm unity, but, rather, fosters it. They promote amongst the various parts of the Order fraternal communion, the exchange of pastoral experiences and activities inherent in our ministry, and material help’ (n. 79).

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