Sedos Bulletin n. 50 2018

Dear Readers, As we are preparing the SEDOS Residential Seminar in Ariccia that has as theme Youth and Mission, we collected in this issue of the SEDOS Bulletin articles related to Vocation and Formation of the youth. The articles are ordered in the way we discover our vocation to how we can accompany those who are discovering their vocation.
The first article is of Sr. Maria Antonetta Pereira who presented in 2015 her thesis on the topic of “The FABC vision of the Youth as Evangelizers in Asia” at Loyola School of Theology. The aim of her thesis is to find the link and narrow the gap between the teaching of the Church and praxis by investigating the theological concepts of communio in ecclesiology, evangelization and missional participation, and by applying the same to the pastoral role of the youth as evangelizers. Her study is then applied to a concrete situation, namely the Church in Goa, India. This experience of living in communion is also one of the important aspects in the new forms of religious life in Bolivia, according to José Fuentes. They like to live a life based on the working of the Holy Spirit at the moment, and not worrying too much about the future. The discovery of the absolute grandeur of our faith is an experience of beauty, according to the next author Andrea Lonardo. “We have to use again absolute superlatives: faith is enormously beautiful, Christianity is absolutely new, never something greater will exist then Jesus Christ.” If we want to evangelize, we have to convinced of the beauty and greatness of our faith, and this will render a person active. Fr. Cornelius Ngoka will pinpoint some of the challenges concerning formation on the African continent caused by the demographic change in the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates.

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