Fr. Jacob celebrates the 40th anniversary of his Pallottine consecration

On 31 May, Fr. General Jacob Nampudakam celebrated 40 years of being a Pallottine. Below he recounts his story.
1. Matthew 4:1-3a: Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert: What have been some of your greatest trials in 40 years?

Two main trials:
First, I am always in favour of life. Following Deuteronomy 30, 19-20, I had to make a choice between blessing or curse, life or death.

God challenges us to choose life.
In life we find hope; the ability to live in wonder, nurture in love, and not despair. Hence when members  show a spirit of defeatism and negativity- without making efforts to create life- it is challenging. Nothing is achieved by being chronically negative. “Rather, the one who loves Christ is full of joy and radiates joy,” as Pope Francis reminds us.

Second, when members become instruments of disunity rather than unity; allowing themselves to be guided by
worldliness instead of the Spirit. This is the antithesis of Jesus Christ, who tells us that His Kingdom is not of this
world. Following anything other than the Spirit will lead to confusion and destruction; a problem which then takes
root in the afflicted person’s heart. Thus, internal problems become external situations, which are very difficult to

2. Joshua 5:6 The Israelites walked 40 years in the desert: What has been your greatest moment of trusting the
“Abandon yourself to God,” St. Vincent tells us, “with perfect confidence and do not fear.” In breathing these words,
we are graced with the bravery God willingly gives to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to all creation. We can also
use such words to explain two of our missions, Peru and Vietnam. If we lived in the world, we would say such
ambitions were impossible, as they were taken up by entities with very few members. Yet instead they are
flourishing; for in our steadfast courage and faith, the Lord blessed us in a hundredfold.
The moral of the story is this: trust the Gospel. Take no purse, no haversack. He is with you.

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