“Key elements for a culture of vocations” – Sister Nathalie at the NAVFD conference (Canada / April 2018)

Sr. Nathalie Becquart is the Director of the National Service for Youth Evangelization and for Vocations at the Bishops’ Conference of France as well as the Vice President of the European Vocations Service. Her first presentation dealt with key elements for developing a culture of vocation through:

  • a vision of the church: the ecclesiology of communion
  • a vision of baptismal identity: missionary discipleship
  • a vision of pastoral care: from recruitment to accompaniment for discerning

Speaking of her experience working with young adults across Europe in her role as the Vice President of the European Vocations Service, Sister Nathalie Becquart, XMCJ outlined the main elements for developing a culture of vocation in the context of today including an admonition that, “whenever we attempt to read the signs of the times it is helpful to listen to young people and the elderlyBoth represent a source of hope for every people. The elderly bring with them memory and the wisdom of experience, which warns us not to foolishly repeat our past mistakes. Young people call us to renewed and expansive hope, for they represent new directions for humanity and open us up to the future, lest we cling to a nostalgia for structures and customs which are no longer lifegiving in today’s world.”  She then proceeded to inspire attendees with her reflection on the best practices and resources for animating a culture of vocation to promoting vocations.

Her second presentation will be on how to foster all vocations in our contemporary society: best practices, resources, and tools.

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