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OFM: Contact. Quarterly Bulletin of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

A night in praise of God’s creation On March 23rd, 2018 a cultural event was held to highlight the Encyclical Laudato Si.  The Basilica of St. Anthony at the Lateran was filled to overflowing with brothers and sisters from the Franciscan Family who gathered to praise their Creator. It was a night of wonderful music and featured the display of a beautiful Laudato Si’ icon that was brought in pilgrimage through 18 countries in Latin America last year.  Continue reading

Course Engaging Our Diversity through Interculturality

Dear Sister, On behalf of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), we are delighted to invite you to consider applying for the following program on Interculturality. The workshop will be held at the UISG facilities in Rome over the last two weeks of January 2019, but significant preparation will be required beforehand. The purpose of this program is to assist a religious congregation in engaging its cultural/ethnic/nationality diversity Continue reading

Fr. Alcides Costa was elected assistant general

With great joy we announce that the General Council has chosen (RL n.157.4) Rev. Fr. Alcides Costa to succeed from May 1st 2018 our beloved Fr. Rogelio Bustos Juárez as General Councillor to complete the mandate together with the other General Councillors till the next General Chapter. The Comboni Institute is deeply grateful to Fr. Alcides for having accepted this commitment, wishes him a fruitful ministry and accompanies him with its prayers.

Continue reading

Rome: Liturgy and Culture. XI International Liturgical Congress

The liturgy by means of ritual – words and gestures characterized by theological and symbolic value – constitutes the fundamental vehicle of communication for the Church. Seen in sociological terms, the liturgy takes on connotations of a particular system of communication in the context of modernity. It communicates by a “sapiential” form of transmitting information and of sharing emotions which now become ever new. The study of communication Continue reading

South Sudan – First Impressions  

Just  on  six  weeks  ago,  an  old  friend,  Allan  Drummond  from  Australia,  arrived  to  spend  an  extended  period   in  South  Sudan  assisting  our  Solidarity  mission.  After  he  was  several  weeks  in  Juba,  I  asked  him  to  make  a   familiarization  visits  to  some  of  our  ministries.  Allan  has  published  many  books  and  is  an  insightful  and   creative  author.  So  I  asked  him  to  write  about  some  of  his  first  impressions.  This  is  what  he  wrote:     Continue reading

Easter Letter of the OFM Minister General, 2018

Dear brothers, May the presence of the Risen Lord bring you joy!

This year the Order holds its Plenary Council in Nairobi, and at the heart of this meeting will be the theme of listening. In order for us to have a creative understanding of what the Word of the Lord is saying to us in daily events and in our lives as friars, active listening is essential. I thought that my letter should be written in that spirit, and that the limitless springs of the Word could provide us Continue reading