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March 24th – Stations of the Cross, Migrants and refugees, men and women in  search  of  peace

“Migrants and refugees, men and women in  search  of  peace.”— Pope  Francis,  2018  World  Day  of  Peace

4:00PM from Castel Sant’Angelo, we will march the sidewalks of Tiber River to Ponte Cestio at Tiber Island. At the end of the prayer, a Eucharistic celebration memorial honoring Bl. Oscar Romero will be held in Santa Maria della Luce Church in Trastevere at 6:30PM. Continue reading

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism embraces the cross

“We can embrace the cross when we hold that there is no spirituality without life and spirituality is impatient life against the disorder of humanity,” said Rev. Dr Vuyani Vellem, one of the speakers at a plenary on the theology of the cross at the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME).

Vellem was invited to speak about the spiritual dimensions of embracing the cross in the last thematic plenary of the CWME, Continue reading

Lent, a time shared by all Christians

“Authentic reconciliation between Christians will only be achieved when we can acknowledge each other’s gifts and learn from one another, with humility and docility, without waiting for the others to learn first”, Pope Francis.

As we journey through Lent in Rome, I have a new appreciation for the universal commitment of Christians to fast, pray, repent and give alms to the poor.

Continue reading

New evangelization in an intercultural context: “the path of cultural discernment”

“The path of cultural discernment” by Catherine Clifford

Most of our communities are living this interculturality. Catherine Clifford presented the vision of Pope Francis that is in line with Vatican II but also with his experience in Latin America: the mission has a Church (rather than the Church has a mission), because the Church is missionary by its very nature: the way we pray, we structure our relationships, we witness and work are missionary themselves. Continue reading

April 14th, The art of living and dying

The Canadian Religious Conference is pleased to organize a formation day on the topic “the art of living and dying”. We are delighted to have with us Sister Nuala Kenny from the Sisters of Charity of Halifax. She is also a medical doctor, O.C., M.D., F.R.C.P. Shortly after receiving her MD from Dalhousie University, she became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and was certified by the American Board of Paediatrics. Continue reading

Arts & Faith: Lent

Enter into a visual prayer experience this Lent with Arts & Faith: Lent. Each week we’ll provide a video commentary about a work of art inspired by the Sunday Scriptures. Use these videos to take a new look at this season of spiritual renewal through the lens of sacred art.

Commentary is by Daniella Zsupan-Jerome, assistant professor of liturgy, catechesis, and evangelization at Loyola University New Orleans. Continue reading

A new Secondary School in Rumbek, South Sudan

The school is in Rumbek, Lakes State, South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation that became independent in 2011 after a long and bloody war with northern Sudan. Around 80% of South Sudanese depend on subsistence farming or herding as their primary source of livelihood. While there is sufficient water throughout Lakes State, the average person does not have access to potable water. Water contamination exacerbates an already precarious health situation. Continue reading

Urdu translation of a new short history of the Catholic Church

Book launchings of the recently-completed Urdu translation of A New Short History of the Catholic Church written by Fr. Norman Tanner SJ took place in Karachi on March 1 and in Rawalpindi on March 3.

This is the sixth language into which the book has been translated. The translation was done by Fr Gulshan Barkat OMI assisted by Columban Fr Robert McCulloch of the Missionary Society of St Columban and was completed over a period of four years. The book launch in Karachi Continue reading

Fr Bruno Cadore, “Dominicans must promote conversations with the new knowledge and technologies”

The editorial team of the annual magazine (Veritas) of the student brothers of the Province of India sat down with fr. Bruno Cadore, the Master of the Order for a conversation during his last visitation to the Province. We were touched by his genuine interest in listening and sharing his thoughts on various issues even though he had a busy schedule. Here is the transcript of this conversation with our Master General. Continue reading