Final message from the 18th General Assembly of UCESM

“WIDEN THE SPACE OF YOUR TENT” (Is 54:2) Final message from the 18th General Assembly of UCESM Snagov (RO), 5-10 March 2018

During these days we have had the opportunity to experience our unity through diversity. Gathered together as the religious of Europe, we have heard the call of God and the Church, to go out towards the people in need.

We are deeply moved by the suffering of millions of displaced people who migrate from all over the world and within Europe. As UCESM (the Union of European Conferences of Major Superiors), we want to enlarge the space of our tent to welcome them.

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, moved by the Holy Spirit and the challenges we heard throughout our time together, we commit to continue to support the migrant population in Europe. Through respecting and defending the dignity and human rights of all migrants we will endeavour to address their needs through accompaniment, service and advocacy.

UCESM, comprising intercultural communities in the Church in Europe, commit to stand beside our displaced brothers and sisters in friendship and prayer. We also support everyone in their right to have a home. Our hope is to be open to each one with a listening heart.

We are all called to go out, to meet migrants, to take action as a congregation and from our communities where we are. It is by uniting on this global path of understanding and action that we will be a prophetic witness of God’s love to all people. By loving each other, including our neighbour and the other, the space of our hearts will be enlarged and our ‘tent’ will encompass many more.

Snagov, 9 March 2018


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