Calasanziane, new website, the charisma of always

The Calasanziane Sisters, sisters of the Calasanctian Family, launch a new website at the link . We invite you to visit it and to know their works for the most disadvantaged children, which they welcome as part of their own family.

The Poor Daughters of Saint Joseph Calasanz is a religious congregation founded in 1889 by the Piarist Archbishop Celestino Zini (1825-1892) and the Blessed Celestina Donati (1848-1925) in the year 1889. Its charisma, inspired by Saint Joseph Calasanz, takes as apostolic task to pick up children without parents and educate them and take care of them in their own Educational Centers, known as Oasis. They are present in Italy, Brazil, Nicaragua, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Romania.


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