VI Training Seminar for Educators “Young people, faith and vocational discernment”

On December 1 and 2, 2017 the Education Commission of the Union of General Superiors (men, USG) and the International Union of General Superiors (women, UISG) convened the sixth Training Seminar for educators to reflect on “youth, faith and vocational discernment ” in order to make a contribution to the next Synod of 2018.

The event was held in Rome, Italy, and 74 participants from different countries and realities met there: religious, laity and priests, all of them related to the world of education and youth. Notably, it counted with the participation of 18 religious congregations and lay people associated with charismatic families, and several young guests to share their experience and reflection, all of different nationalities: Hungary, Senegal, China, Romania, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Spain, Mexico and others.

The Seminar was developed in an atmosphere of listening, dialogue and full of hope. Wide and deep reflection was illuminated with a keynote by Fr. Arturo Sosa, Superior of the Society of Jesus, a panel of experts on Youth Ministry and two tables of dialogue with young religious and laity, giving way to the reflection of the groups of work.

The most outstanding ideas include the cultural transformation in which we are immersed, characterized by digital culture, enculturation and multiculturalism, growing inequity in all fields, the weakening of politics as search of the common good, the increase of polarization and conflict, as well as the environmental deterioration. This is the humus in which young people grow.

Two fundamental attitudes are needed to confront this: 1, to accompany listening as an educational experience and 2, to accompany listening and walking towards the future. For that, it is essential to enable us and open learning spaces in our educational environments.

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