SEDOS Bulletin, November-December 2017

Dear Readers,

At the closing of 2017 we look back at a fruitful year for the SEDOS Bulletin, with many interesting articles and themes. The changes that were made in the format of the Bulletin were well received. We now forward to the new year with confidence and hope.

For this final 2017 Bulletin we wanted to do something different. We have collected a series of stories that are useful for personal reflection as well as in group reflection through workshops. The introduction to these stories explain more clearly how to use it and the worksheets at the end of the stories are intended to help when you to share them with your religious community. This workbook Peace through Stories can help us all in building up “intercultural competence”, but it is also an exercise in inter-religious dialogue. The magnificent designs are done by Belgian artist Koen Van Loocke with the financial support of MISEREOR.

As Document we have selected the sermon that Father Heiner Wilmer, Superior General of the Dehonians, gave on the occasion of the Commemoration of 500 years Reformation at the Lutheran Church in Rome, at the request of SEDOS. Among others, the idea that God is the First Reformer is splendid and relativizes the whole history behind the Reformation and Contra-Reformation.

As News Today we took up an article written a few years ago by a former Director of SEDOS, Xaverian Missionary Father Gabriele Ferrari, about the idea of mission of Pope Francis. This article serves as an introduction to our next Bulletin that will deal with several articles on mission in our time.

Next year, SEDOS Bulletin will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are preparing an extraspecial edition of our SEDOS Bulletin with a list of all the articles that has been published through the years. We welcome all suggestions from our readers for celebrating this event.

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