SOS Claretian Family

Dear members of the Claretian Family (CF),

More frequently than ever, we have been surprised by natural disasters that affect our life-mission and the lives of many of our brothers and sisters. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, inundations, fires,… with their consequences, have frequently entered into our conversations, e-mails, prayers, reflections and actions. 

At such tragic and overwhelming times, as the CF, we have responded affectively and effectively, according to our possibilities and means, to minimize the wave of death, suffering, and all kind of losses.

In order to better coordinate our solidarity as well as the generosity of our benefactors, friends, collaborators, faithful members among the CF, we decided to create a specific Fund for Emergencies and Natural Disasters that is going to be called among us “SOS Claretian Family”.

The “Solidarity and Mission” team in Rome, in a new joint effort, will channel all the donations received for those in need who requested our help.

We have agreed that we will not be forming a specialized team for emergencies nor substitute those who are experts by profession or charism to do it, those who are more equipped than us to respond properly on the ground. But, yes, we can continue to support them, collaborate with, and give them our best help without neglecting who we are and what is the core of our mission within the Church and the world as evangelizers, who promote and care for life always.

Since we are living among the poor, listening to and evangelizing with them, there is a need of increasing awareness and the sharing of material resources for SOS situations. Besides this Fund, we all know that there are other means and tools available that can help our members and communities affected by natural disasters (such as: sending Mass intentions, any patrimonial heritance, free donations or basic goods that can be sent directly where needed,…).

Thus, to concretize and summarize our proposal, we offer the following instructions:

1 – Any Major Organism of the CF can receive directly from any community or other Organism, as well as from the society / NGO’s, donations for natural disasters that occurred in a town / village where we have a presence; in the case where there is a need of international help, the Mission Procure of such a Major Organism should immediately send a request accompanied by the most basic information (consequences of the natural disaster, what they need, and its Mission Procure Bank account details – IBAN) to our Solidarity and Mission Team – Rome, who will share it through our social media; moreover, at the next stage, there is a chance to apply to our respective General Mission Procures for a reconstruction project that can be presented to any international Agency.

2 – Whenever the natural disaster happens in a country where we have a presence, but our members / communities are not directly affected or suffered damage, this SOS CF Fund will not apply. Such circumstances and tough times can be a good opportunity to help others or to collaborate with them.

3 – In the cases that the natural disaster happens in a country where we do not have presence, this SOS CF Fund will not apply.

Finally, just to let you know the IBAN of our “SOS”: IT09L0200805170000105060148. Thanks for joining us to help those most in need!


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