Order of friars minor. Moving to the peripheries as brothers and “lesser ones”

Dear brothers, may the Lord give you peace!
As we did for 2016-2017, we would like to present you with the guidelines for the next two years (2018-2019). These can be used as a tool for reflection, comparison and discernment in community, to help us deepen the realities in which we live and give new impetus to Interreligious dialogue.

It is our hope that the whole order may in some way join journey of preparation and eventual celebration of the Order’s Plenary Council which will be in June 2018, inviting every local community to devote some time to examine the realities of the world, of the Church and of the Order. The fruit of reflection and brotherly discernment can change our life and the way we live our charism today in the different places where we live and work.

Secondly, we want to look to St. Francis who with his life and evangelical witness became a brother to the whole universe. In his universality, he today is the person who can most open the doors to dialogue. In this rapidly changing world, in which more and more conflicts arise, dialogue becomes a bridge of interaction that contributes to the construction of true peace. That is why the 8th centennial of the meeting of St. Francis with the Sultan in 2019, will be an opportunity and a further stimulus for all of us to deepen inter-religious dialogue.

Finally, with the hope that these pages can help every community discern what the spirit says to the Friars Minor today, I urge you brothers to devote yourselves completely seeking for what God desires from each of us, authentically living the Gospel, charism and mission of our Order. May the Lord bless you and always accompany you on the journey.

Rome, 08 December 2017 Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of B.V.M.

Br. Michael Perry, OFM General Minister


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